IMG_9885 IMG_9892 IMG_9896 IMG_9917 IMG_9931 IMG_9920IMG_9945 IMG_9961 IMG_0037 IMG_0039 IMG_0053 IMG_0075IMG_0094 IMG_9985 IMG_9998 IMG_0010 IMG_0105 IMG_0115 IMG_0117 IMG_0110This year we had so much fun with Halloween. We went to Whittamore’s Pumpkin Farm. We had a pumpkin carving/pizza party with Auntie T. We painted all sorts of spooky Halloween things (including our pumpkins!) We went to a Halloween Party with some of Poppy’s closest friends annnnnnd Poppy got to dress up as Ariel, her favourite mermaid in the whole wide world!

Poppy didn’t always want to be Ariel for Halloween….in fact, we had already bought her a beautiful fox cape off of Etsy. However as we grew closer to the big day, Poppy began telling anyone who asked that she was being Ariel for Halloween. Please understand, I had looked months ago at the big shops for an Ariel costume but they didn’t have anything I liked in a size 2….this is why we decided to go with her second choice, the fox. Finally the day before Halloween arrived, I caved and made her this Ariel costume. I do not sew but the thought of letting her down was enough to get my fingers bloody from those damn sewing needles and with the help of a good imagination and my trusty friend the glue gun Poppy was able to become the most beautiful Ariel I have ever seen.

The night was rainy  but Poppy made it to 7 houses!!! Waaay better than last year (1) We got to say hi to neighbours and Poppy had her first and second Halloween frights, thanks to some over eager Halloween setups and some big people that didn’t quite understand that little girls dressed up as Ariel don’t want to be greeted by old men wearing creepy masks covered in blood. All in all she took it like a trooper and finished the night off with a bag of chips which she had more than earned.



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