IMG_4279IMG_4110IMG_4051 IMG_4124IMG_4053 IMG_4317
IMG_4026 IMG_4138IMG_4050 IMG_4306IMG_4105 IMG_4015IMG_4314 IMG_4079IMG_4004 IMG_4093IMG_4299 IMG_4311So I guess I am now the proud owner of a 2 year old!!! Where did the time go? I couldn’t be more in love  with this little girl of mine. Every day she amazes me with her strong desire to learn more and more and more. She is so strong and determined yet somehow manages to be stuck to me like glue all at the same time. There are days when I long for a break from the words “Mommy UP UP UUUUUUP!!!!!” but then I remind myself how quickly they grow and those words “mommy UP UP UUUUUUP”  will soon be replaced with other less desirable words like “GO AWAY!!!”  I must cherish every second of these beautiful years.




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