the little things






Poppy and I try and go up to visit Gampy and Grammy ( or Gamp and Gram as Poppy calls them ) every month. We usually spend the week exploring the property, walking down the never ending dirt roads while checking out the cows,  horses, pigs, chickens and even llamas as we walk on bye. We also head out to the local farmers market every Saturday. It’s filled with delicious baked goods and beautiful fresh vegetables and other produce. We usually get our eggs for the week and a few other treats. This time I got Poppy some cream for her ever so chapped cheeks. I have used so many creams trying to help her little face out but so far no luck. Maybe this one will be a winner…who knows, all I know is Poppy loves putting cream on her face and spent most of the following week running around with her little tub of Emu oil bought especially for her.

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