After close to 20 years I finally went back to visit my childhood cottage. I can honestly say my happiest childhood memories were made at Deer Lake. The cottage was designed by my grandfather and from what I understand my family also had a huge part in building it. My grandfather also painted this beautiful mural. Sadly he passed away before getting the chance to meet Poppy. I couldn’t believe my luck when I realized the family who has had the cottage for the past 20 years hadn’t painted over the mural. It was hard to stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks as I photographed Poppy standing with Grandpa’s Deer. I will always love Deer Lake.




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  1. Melissa Irwin says

    So great you were able to show Poppy such a beautiful place! Wish I could go back to my childhood cottage! Thanks for sharing this! Xo

    • says

      Thanks Melissa, It was such an emotional experience…not only going back but to have Poppy with me! Is your childhood cottage still standing? why don’t you hop in the car and go say hi:) xo

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