IMG_6912IMG_6934 IMG_6901 IMG_6904IMG_6791 IMG_6802 IMG_6816IMG_6977IMG_7029IMG_7070 IMG_7185 IMG_7206IMG_6834 IMG_7234 IMG_7082 IMG_7092IMG_7140 IMG_7131IMG_7376 IMG_7382 IMG_7385IMG_7207 IMG_7419IMG_7404It’s been a crazy summer filled with so many wonderful adventures. We have now been home for 4 days and are finally starting to settle back into our regular daily routines. Routines that no longer include big beautiful weddings or dozens of new friends around every corner we turn or boat rides and regattas or stunning cottages overlooking breathtaking views or visits with Gamp and Gram….we are home. Summer has come to an end. Hello friends we have missed. Hello neighbourhood walks with Marley. Hello swings and slides and sandboxes. Hello Fall. These are some pictures from the cottage we stayed at on Baptiste lake with Granny, Grandad, Great Grandma and all the dogs! Thank you Granny and Grandad for inviting Poppy and I to be a part of this. We can’t wait to do it again. xo

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