For the past 8 months or so we have had to keep Poppy away from peanuts and penicillin due to an unfortunately timed first introduction to peanuts while she was taking penicillin. First I noticed her scratching at her mouth and then her body was taken over by puffy red dots and welts. We rushed her to the doctor’s but because she had been given peanuts and penicillin so close together, the doctors couldn’t help us figure out what caused her to react… after many months of waiting to get in to see the specialist we finally got in. The first appointment was for peanuts and that one was easy, simple skin scratching. Thankfully Poppy had no reaction! No peanut allergies for Pop! The second appointment was for penicillin. This took much longer and was far more complex testing. First they did skin scratching then we waited 20 minutes to see if she had a reaction. Then she had to have 2 injections of penicillin just under the skin of her arm….wait 20 minutes. Then there was 3 oral doses with a 40 min wait between each. Poppy was amazing. The needles threw her off for a min or so but she pulled herself together quickly. We spent the hours playing in the empty waiting room where Poppy had her run of all the books and toys.

The final consensus was that Poppy has no allergies to peanuts or penicillin! Who knows what caused her to react that day,  all I know is I am beyond grateful that it didn’t turn out to be something she was going to have to deal with for the rest of her life.

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