IMG_2209 IMG_2192 IMG_2230 IMG_2238 IMG_2253IMG_2263 IMG_2277 IMG_2270 IMG_2287 IMG_2290IMG_2339 IMG_2353 IMG_2316 IMG_2394 IMG_2302IMG_2413 IMG_2420 IMG_2437 IMG_2449 IMG_2533 IMG_2541IMG_2562 IMG_2546 IMG_2555We have had such a wonderful holiday season this year. The pace was a little slower giving us a chance to really appreciate the time spent with the ones we love, not just rush rush rush like most Christmases in the past. I am so thankful for the love we are surrounded with. Poppy has made my family stronger and closer than I ever could have imagined. Thank you Poppy.

A couple special gifts this year-

  1. The goose. This goose was given to me and Danie when we were about Poppy’s age. We loved it so. Since then it has been passed around the Wilson family being loved and welcomed by all. This Christmas the goose came home! Poppy was thrilled. She loves him to bits and has named him Gidion or Giddy for short.
  2. The doll. The only thing I REALLY wanted to give Poppy this year was her Poppy doll. I do not sew but decided quite a while ago that I was going to make my daughter this doll for Christmas. I dreamed her up and then made her a reality. It may not be the biggest accomplishment for someone that sews but coming from a mama that has been terrible at sewing since she was a little girl and has gone out of her way to avoid sewing like it was the plague, I’d say yay for me! Poppy knew I was working on making her the doll for Christmas and constantly would ask if she could see her. My response was always the same – not until Christmas. I can’t begin to describe how much joy I felt watching her unwrap and hold her Poppy doll for the first time.


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