IMG_5856 IMG_5901 IMG_5926 IMG_5946 IMG_6011I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had dressing Poppy up for these pics! Let me start by saying we are so honoured to have been given the chance to sample the new Tia Cibani Childrens collection! For those of you who don’t know, Tia Cibani is a New York designer known for  her daring runway trends like oversized shoulders and caped dresses. This is her first children’s collection and rather than making a whole new kiddy line she decided to simply shrink down her adult line…..the results are amazing! When I opened the parcel and saw this skirt I couldn’t wait to see Poppy twirl the crap out of it….and she did! I have a ton of blurry pics to prove it but I didn’t think any of you would want to see that. Oh and the jacket!!!? I know its sounds crazy but I actually can’t wait for the cooler weather so Poppy can rock it on a daily basis ( the picture above was taken in the middle of a heat wave! )

*picture 1 and 2 – skirt by Tia Cibani, Picture 3 and 4 – shirt by  Tia Cibani, Picture 5 – Jacket by  Tia Cibani



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