IMG_4292IMG_4129 IMG_4158 IMG_4134 IMG_4135IMG_4184 IMG_4186 IMG_4173 IMG_4246 IMG_4277 IMG_4212 IMG_4220Hello again! Sorry for the silence over here but I needed a bit of a break to focus on “real life”. Poppy has grown so much in the past few months! Not just up up up but in so many other areas. I couldn’t be a prouder mama if I tried. Oh and did I mention she changed her name? Well she did. Her name is now Curious George the monkey. Please if you see her don’t even bother using her old name. She has only one friend who can’t seem to wrap his head around Poppy no longer going by the name Poppy annnnnd lets just say it has put a bit of a strain on their relationship.

Now for Easter-

This was such a magical Easter. George was SO excited for the bunny to come that she had a hard time getting to sleep. When she woke up she couldn’t wait to see if the Easter bunny had come! First Danie came over then we had to get dressed and put on some of her new barbie makeup; I got her a little case of it because she always wants to dig her fingers into mine. I have been trying to teach her that “less is more” but she is far too excited at the moment to listen. After she put on a not so modest amount of lip gloss on her cheeks we headed downstairs. On the giant chalk wall there was a message from the Easter Bunny himself!!! George made me read it a few times and then headed over to her little table to enjoy the tea party Mr Bunny had set up for her and Baby. He had left two cups filled with jelly beans and chocolates and two carrots. After munching on a few jelly beans and sipping on a cup of rice milk George got her hunt on. It was so much fun! Happy Easter!

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