IMG_8696 IMG_8694 IMG_8698 IMG_8704 IMG_8737 IMG_8722 IMG_8728 IMG_8759 IMG_8775IMG_8828 IMG_8857 IMG_8865IMG_9131 IMG_9098 IMG_9118 IMG_9156 IMG_9163 IMG_9174Kegan, Poppy and I were lucky enough to spend the week before Thanksgiving in the Laurentians. As you can see the colours, this time of year were stunning. We spent as much time as possible outdoors going for walks and bike rides or just exploring around the cottage. We ended the week off with a visit to our friend Anne’s sugar shack where we stocked up on enough maple syrup to last us the winter. After we packed up the syrup we were lucky enough to have Anne lead us on a beautiful hike around the lake. As much as I love summers at the cottage I must say I am absolutely in love with the beauty that autumn brings to the mountains.

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