IMG_9281 IMG_9276 IMG_9400 IMG_9410IMG_9361 IMG_9313 IMG_9328 IMG_9377 IMG_9371IMG_9331IMG_9319It’s that time of year again. The time of year where we sit down and give thanks for all we have, then stuff ourselves beyond our personal comfort. Normally we have 3 dinners in a row. Saturday (the French Family) Sunday (the Wilsons) and Monday (the Winters). This year due to conflicting schedules we only get to do 2 Thanksgiving dinners….I know, poor us right? I’m sad we are missing the Wilsons but my waistline is already thanking me. These pictures are from yesterday’s dinner with the Frenchs. We had such a great time. Poppy even joined in on one of my favourite Thanksgiving traditions, the tossing of the bun! It’s a silly thing, really, but I love how such a simple thing as tossing dinner rolls at each other randomly throughout dinner can get the crowd going. Love these moments. Happy Thanksgiving.



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