IMG_7745 IMG_7783 IMG_7778 IMG_7750IMG_7762 IMG_7767 IMG_7799 IMG_7864IMG_7873 IMG_7874 IMG_7881 IMG_7769IMG_7884 IMG_7771 IMG_7888 IMG_7816 IMG_7891 IMG_7896Saturday was our first experience with live wrestling. This was the third Bloorcourt Cup put on by Fight! Brand held at the Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts festival. We had so much fun! Poppy was even cheering on the “monkey” wrestler. After the match was over the monkey was taking pictures with all the kids. I quickly went over and asked if we could get a picture, thinking Poppy would love it…..boy was I wrong. As soon as we were within touching distance, full blown hysteria ensued. It took a few minutes to recover but lucky for me she did. Lesson learned. Do not try and introduce your two year old to men wearing monkey masks.


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