IMG_4841 IMG_4850 IMG_4851 IMG_4853 This past week was filled with birthday celebrations. First on the weekend, Danie and I enjoyed our first surprise party ever!!! and I can honestly say it WAS a surprise! Neither of us had a clue what we were walking into. We thought we were going out for dinner and had accidentally walked in on someone’s party…super awkward at first and then all of the faces looking back at us started to look familiar. A huge thank you to Michelle for the love and thought that you put into this and to everyone else that helped  make it happen. We still can’t believe you pulled this off! We love you! Well done. As if the party wasn’t enough, on the night of our actual birthday we were the lucky recipients of one of the best bbq dinners that have ever hit our mouths. Thank you Tara and Chris – the mac ‘n’ cheese and ribs were insane. The next day I woke up still full from the night before and got to work setting up for Kegan’s birthday dinner! (yep my husband’s birthday is the day after mine). We celebrated him over burgers and boozy roasted marshmallow shakes followed by butter tarts from his favourite bakery. All in all, I am now a very happy 34 year old with approximately 5 birthday pounds to lose.


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